Thursday, January 31, 2013


i'm a homebody. my favorite place to be is home.
i don't always want to be here of course, but when i'm out
and about for a bit- it just feels good & right to come back here.
my home welcomes me- it makes me feel centered and like
all is right with my world.
* i especially love it when it's clean.
i have always loved to decorate and "nest" anywhere i've called home,
whether it was a tiny apartment in the top story of the old house i
lived in in brainerd mn., the first apartment i lived in as a newlywed
with my sweetie- (that one was above the greenhouse i worked at, on main street),
or the 4 other
houses we've called home since we were married.
even if i've had a lean budget, i've had so much fun
making our houses feel like home.
my #1 best decorating tip is this.
change your rooms around occasionally! even if there's one
way that the furniture fits best, try experimenting and move things around.
exchange the coffee tables in your family room and living room. try
pulling the sofa out from the wall. changing it up is the quickest, easiest
way to give your house a face lift. even just taking down the things you
have on the walls and rearranging them can
give your house a new attitude!
when i first married lars this threw him for a loop- his momma really
never did this and it dazed and confused him to have to
learn new pathways through the house. he's long used to me now
though and i don't think he thinks anything of it when he comes home
and i've struggled to shove heavy furniture from one end of the house
to the other.   : )
remember it's not important to do this to impress other people, just
do it if it makes you happy. when we are happy we can
go spread that joy to others.
xo, beth

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  1. home is hands down my favorite place to be. after be out for a while i feel like when i finally get back home i can breathe!


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