Friday, February 15, 2019


for anyone who's been waiting
to see photos of 
eric and corinne's wedding 
which was jan. 26th in
the dominican republic
here you go.
: )

15 of us jetted down there and spent a week together
laying in beach chairs, eating delicious food every
20 minutes and having beverages delivered to our reclining chairs.

over the course of the week there were people in our
party that swam, snorkeled, took scuba diving lessons,
played beach volleyball and competed in olympic style games, paddle boarded to jamaica,
 painted wine bottles on the beach, went deep sea fishing,
got massages, got their hair braided like bo derek, got sunburned, got sea sick,
got married, went kayaking, took long walks on the beach, stayed up
till the wee hours, ordered copious amounts of room service after midnight,
 smoked cigars, drank dirty monkeys and laughed till we cried. all in all
it was a week i'll always think of with a smile on my face.

the kids hired a local photographer to capture their wedding, 
so these photos are just mostly mine, shooting
during the festivities with
both my phone and my camera.  
(they invited me to run down to the beach quick when they
were finished with their actual photographer and that was so 
much fun even though it was getting too dark for pictures.) 

the wedding site

this amazing, almost heart shaped cloud lit up the
sky right after their ceremony was done.


it was an absolutely wonderful day (and week) celebrating these two. 
*every day in a marriage isn't going to be magical, but if
there are mostly days where these two look at each other
the way they did on that day,
it will be a good life.

love and blessings,