Tuesday, January 29, 2019

trip of a lifetime

           we arrived home late last night from our son's wedding
 in the republica dominicana
(that's how the locals say it)
 and today i'm just soaking it all in.
 i have a ton of thoughts running through my head
about this amazing experience and i'm going to write some
of them down before i forget.

these are some of the things i learned in the last week~ about myself, the 
world and the people around me.


*i CAN drink water without lemon.

*I can even drink coffee, with enough cream and sugar in it.
"cafe' leche".

*more humidity makes my dry eyes feel better.

*I can totally get up early and stay up late for 6 days in a row.

*it feels reassuring to travel out of the country for the first time
with people who've done it.

*i felt safe being by myself in a foreign country at an all inclusive resort.

*dominicans are beautiful, happy people.

*it doesn't feel that weird to be so far away from home.

*it's been confirmed that i'm not a "foodie". chicken tenders anyone?

*i really can't swim, in fact i can't even stand in the ocean without getting hurt.

*documenting life with a camera is my passion.

*i'd like to learn more Spanish.

*i don't like it when my suitcase gets inspected.
(messed with, messed up, rifled through).

*you're never too old to wear a thong.

*it wasn't nearly as hot as i'd heard it was going to be.

*it is very damp/humid in the dominican.

*a dead cockroach on the floor of my room didn't scare me.
dead is the key word.

*I don't like the feeling in my gut when someone says "do you see
cole out there?" and I look out in the ocean, see a speck on the
horizon on a paddle board and then it disappears.

*it's a blast vacationing with new people in a new place. there's so much to learn.

*you will miss important family members that aren't with you.

*it makes me very happy to see my boys and husband having 
fun together.

*i am pretty content in a lawn chair by the ocean, my hubbie not so much.
(he likes to do all the things).

*i like the term "all inclusive", 
yes, i'll try allll the desserts and then eat more shrimp.

*my son has wonderful new family members and a father-in-law who's hilarious.

*naked skin looks better when it's tan.  #truth

*if you travel with a bunch of people you don't need as much reading material.

*bring more swim suits and less clothes.

*when you get back to MN you'll wish it was spring because who's 
going to see your glorious tan under your stocking cap, turtle neck and 
snowmobile pants?

*having your brother and sister-in-law on a trip magnifies the fun.

*you'll never be sorry you took so many pictures.

*men bond over cigars.  women do too.

*i'd pay someone to unpack, do my laundry and put away all 68 outfits.

*it's fun to meet new people.

*i prefer spray on sunscreen.

*ocean sand is so fine you may be finding it in your crevices for weeks.

*it's fun to say "eric & corinne" with rolling r's like the locals did.

*knowing that, seeing your son's face crack and the tears fall
 when he is saying his vows is an image you will never forget.

*as is watching your new daughter-in-law wipe her own and then
 tenderly wipe his from his cheek.

*realizing again, how truly remarkable it is to see two people
 find their true love in this great big world.


*eating a bowl of cereal with really cold milk when you get home
 tastes like about the best thing ever.

buenas noches amigos,
a tired, but very happy madre'