Friday, June 28, 2013

                                                         more of my "every 20 minutes" catches...

                                            all of these pictures are taken at the lodge. my youngest was
                                                  making a huge bonfire (something he does every nite there)
                                      and i was sitting a ways away watching him, in his own happy place
                                                    when I noticed how beautiful the jet track looked in the sky.

                                                   umm hmm. this is a wolf. on a trail camera pic                    

                                                   eric made this wood splitter and the impressive pile
                                                 of stacked wood above is one days work for the 3 guys now!


                                                            probably my favorite improvement we've made to the
                                                        lodge is this screen panel. lars made it for one of the big
                                            garage doors and here is a view of it from the outside and then
                                            the inside. it is such a delight to line up our chairs and watch the
                                            sunset and/or rain and not worry about the bugs or getting wet. 


                                                                   these ferns grow everywhere in the woods.
                                                                                                                    i love them!

                                                       our freshly trimmed shrubs below and sweet columbine
                                          happy weekend y'all


Thursday, June 27, 2013

every 20 minutes

about every 20 minutes throughout my day i see something i'd like to take a picture of. i'm not even kidding!  i've been this way for so long i can't even tell if that's weird or not.  (is it???  do any of you carry a camera in your purse at all times?) you can't even imagine how many photos i have stored on my computer. (and not backed up).  one of the reasons i love blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to put some of them out there and not just snap, edit and store them all on my computer-  for nothing! 

a good friend's son is getting married this weekend and i cut a big bunch of my roses and peonies for her to use at their grooms dinner. here they are, piled up on a chair before i ran them over to her house.


                                                                 love this garden goddess-she's new to my yard this summer


when this shrub rose bursts into bloom, it can almost stop traffic- well if you're a gardener that is!
and the best part? NO THORNS. win~win

 i called jill tonight to see how everything was going for the wedding and she said she was in dire need of a few more white flowers for decorating, so we put on our thinking caps, devised a quick plan and she was at my house in about 11 minutes. we set off with dark glasses and wigs on, to scour the west side of town for possible bloosoms. it took awhile, but finally she spotted just what we were looking for- along a boulevard and she quickly pulled over and i jumped out with my trusty shears and as fast and inconspiculously as i could~ i cut a big bunch of beautiful blooms and flung myself back in the truck before we got arrested. both of our husbands were mortified and unwilling to help with our caper but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?  i told her it's always good for shrubs and plants to get a good trimming. it encourages new growth. i know these kinda things, i went to floral design school.   : )

                                                                        i can't wait for the wedding.
                                                                                 i love, love

                                                                                   x  beth  o

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

                                                                      well- isn't that the truth?
                                                                         if only we could have known in our youth
                                                                        that the only real reason to envy grown ups

                                                                     is that when you're a grown up no one can

                                                                        tell you what to do. you can make a thousand
                                                                        mistakes trying to figure it out. all by yourself.

                                                                     why didn't anybody ever bother to tell us that
                                                                         being a grown up is a lot of work? and when
                                                                         no one is telling you what to do--- it sounds
                                                                     all peachy, but it's just a lot of work.

                                                                         someone just tell me what to do o.k.?

                                                                         i'll do it!

                                                                                 *in the meantime, i'll be watching cartoons.

                                                                                                                 xo, beth


Friday, June 21, 2013

so, it was father's day last sunday...this is my son and his son.
boysie is 13 and still loves to sit on his dad's lap- (a lot)

i love it & his dad loves it. i was encouraging the kiss here
and they were both being all silly and giggly.



i've been working in my yard a lot this spring (today is the start of summer btw).
i've weeded and watered and planted and mulched.
i can't wait to wander out every day and see how all the
little seeds i planted are growing.  last night we had a big
ol' storm...thunder, lightning and torrential rains beat down.
there was over 2 inches by morning and things look a bit
bedraggled today, but here's some shots of the back yard before the storm.




i haven't had nasturtiums for several years... forgot how much i love them.
they are edible too- so go ahead, throw some on your salad and munch away.



the weekend forecast is for pure, unadulterated summer.
put on your sunscreen and bug spray and let's soak it up!

p.s. omgoodness- has anyone else noticed that the mosquitos are about
twice the size they normally are? little suckers are out and they
are hungry. we may all need to walk around in bug suits in the tropical heat
this weekend. arrriiiiiiba!
xo, beth

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


                                                                     11 weeks old

i'd like to introduce you to little jackson christopher. (remember his mama's
maternity pics from a few months ago:   1-14-13?)
little honey is the first born for our friends ali and chris from Chicago.
when they were home a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of
playing with him and got to capture some images for them.
he was pretty malleable for the most part, but i can't end without sharing
one of the shots of him apparently
thinking he'd had enough!!!
(sorry little buddy- but isn't this funny and adorable?).
jack's parents adore him of course- but if you really want to see adoration
 look at the faces of his grandparents in the photos above.
now that's true love.
grampa mark told me he could just kiss him
24 hours a day!
you are so loved little one.
xo, beth

Sunday, June 16, 2013

                                                                                today i've got some beautiful, dreamy
                                                                                                                 images to share~


                                                                  (note: i only took two of these lovely images)
                                                      how was father's day at your house? the dad at our house
                                                   was sick- day 8- so it put kind of a damper on the fun- but
                                       we gathered around him anyway and tried to make him feel loved.
                       he'd wander off and take a nap and then drag himself out to the family room...
                      stay up for about a half hour and then sneak off to rest some more. hopefully
                     he'll feel better soon! not a fun way to celebrate a holiday made just for him. : (
                                                                               * enjoy this monday friends~it's hard
                                                                            to believe that june is already half over,
                                                  or should i say- woo hoo!! we still half the month left!!!  :  )
                                                                                                                       xo,   beth