Friday, June 14, 2013

ridiculously rhubarb

while 4-wheeling past the old garden last weekend, i noticed that the rhubarb was
blooming/going to seed. "wait a minute I thought, i haven't even picked any of
this yet- or made one delicious muffin or a crisp!" 
*have you ever noticed how ridiculously gorgeous the blossoms
are though? i picked some and put them in a vase and they
were beautiful and exotic looking.

back i went with my trusty knife and cut some for muffins
who knew coffee could look this good?

i always use my grama irene's rhubarb muffin recipe. if you'd like it- message me,
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i already love ya- but you officially following would really make my day!
thank you , thank you!
so on another note- we had the pleasure of dog sitting for our
neighbors yellow lab while they went on a motorcycle trip last sat. and sun.
their dog is abe- on the right- that's duke on the left.
they are 3 days apart in age. my hubbie was one happy dude
with a dog tucked in each armpit all weekend. don't tell him
i posted this, but he even slept with both of them. woodticks and all.
(ummm....yuck-i don't think so and no i was not in that bed with them).
i brought up this little tea towel from milan mn.
the town both lars and i grew up in.
if you're not 100% Norwegian (like lars)-
you only kind of fit in there. just kidding
i am 0% scandinavian and my  straight up- 100% norsk father in law and i used to love
to tease each other about that.
i'd buy him things that made fun of norweigians and he loved it.
the two best were the baseball cap that he couldn't wait to wear to town that said:
"i'm norwegian, but i'm taking pills for it",
and a book that was titled the norwegian book of knowledge... it was
blank inside.
milan was a great place to grow up, and it will always
be very special to me.
i'm off to clean up my studio table now,
xo, beth


  1. that muffin looks great! i had a yellow lab growing up! now we have two chocolate labs...good dogs...lots of energy...but they sure do love you :)

  2. well now we know where I get my dog-love from!


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