Thursday, June 27, 2013

every 20 minutes

about every 20 minutes throughout my day i see something i'd like to take a picture of. i'm not even kidding!  i've been this way for so long i can't even tell if that's weird or not.  (is it???  do any of you carry a camera in your purse at all times?) you can't even imagine how many photos i have stored on my computer. (and not backed up).  one of the reasons i love blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to put some of them out there and not just snap, edit and store them all on my computer-  for nothing! 

a good friend's son is getting married this weekend and i cut a big bunch of my roses and peonies for her to use at their grooms dinner. here they are, piled up on a chair before i ran them over to her house.


                                                                 love this garden goddess-she's new to my yard this summer


when this shrub rose bursts into bloom, it can almost stop traffic- well if you're a gardener that is!
and the best part? NO THORNS. win~win

 i called jill tonight to see how everything was going for the wedding and she said she was in dire need of a few more white flowers for decorating, so we put on our thinking caps, devised a quick plan and she was at my house in about 11 minutes. we set off with dark glasses and wigs on, to scour the west side of town for possible bloosoms. it took awhile, but finally she spotted just what we were looking for- along a boulevard and she quickly pulled over and i jumped out with my trusty shears and as fast and inconspiculously as i could~ i cut a big bunch of beautiful blooms and flung myself back in the truck before we got arrested. both of our husbands were mortified and unwilling to help with our caper but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?  i told her it's always good for shrubs and plants to get a good trimming. it encourages new growth. i know these kinda things, i went to floral design school.   : )

                                                                        i can't wait for the wedding.
                                                                                 i love, love

                                                                                   x  beth  o

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  1. haha. love this i had over 1,000 photos on my phone lol my husband had 12 ... love the flower pics!


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