Wednesday, June 19, 2013


                                                                     11 weeks old

i'd like to introduce you to little jackson christopher. (remember his mama's
maternity pics from a few months ago:   1-14-13?)
little honey is the first born for our friends ali and chris from Chicago.
when they were home a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of
playing with him and got to capture some images for them.
he was pretty malleable for the most part, but i can't end without sharing
one of the shots of him apparently
thinking he'd had enough!!!
(sorry little buddy- but isn't this funny and adorable?).
jack's parents adore him of course- but if you really want to see adoration
 look at the faces of his grandparents in the photos above.
now that's true love.
grampa mark told me he could just kiss him
24 hours a day!
you are so loved little one.
xo, beth

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your talents and treasures!! We are thrilled! Schlickmo and schlickma


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