Friday, June 28, 2013

                                                         more of my "every 20 minutes" catches...

                                            all of these pictures are taken at the lodge. my youngest was
                                                  making a huge bonfire (something he does every nite there)
                                      and i was sitting a ways away watching him, in his own happy place
                                                    when I noticed how beautiful the jet track looked in the sky.

                                                   umm hmm. this is a wolf. on a trail camera pic                    

                                                   eric made this wood splitter and the impressive pile
                                                 of stacked wood above is one days work for the 3 guys now!


                                                            probably my favorite improvement we've made to the
                                                        lodge is this screen panel. lars made it for one of the big
                                            garage doors and here is a view of it from the outside and then
                                            the inside. it is such a delight to line up our chairs and watch the
                                            sunset and/or rain and not worry about the bugs or getting wet. 


                                                                   these ferns grow everywhere in the woods.
                                                                                                                    i love them!

                                                       our freshly trimmed shrubs below and sweet columbine
                                          happy weekend y'all


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