Friday, March 30, 2012

one more day and done!

     "come on friday, LET'S DO THIS!!!"

this weekend promises to be bea-U--tiful-let's make the most of it okay?  : )

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the chicken or the egg?

 i think it was the chicken...or maybe it was these twin peeps-how flip-flappin cute are they?  : )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a wee collection

i'm always on the lookout for things to inspire me-and hopefully you too!
here's a little batch of "pretties" i've been saving to share~

i'm not ready to get a tatoo, but i think this one rocks. (or does it look like she has a bug on her foot?)

a friend just dared to buy multi-colored kitchen stools and i LOVE it

for real?

love is so..... sexy~  ;  )

one of my favorite things to do is comb the beach for shells

have you read anne morrow lindbergh's
gift from the sea ?

if not, buy it-then read it.
it should be on everyone's bookshelf.
it also makes a great graduation gift.

xo, b

Monday, March 26, 2012

shower wrap~

did you think maybe this meant that i was going to show you a tutorial on how to make one of those
velcro'd, terry cloth dealy bobs, that you throw on when you're at a posh spa and you need to walk around half neck-ed in front of strangers in turbines? (like i'd know-hehe) well sorry but it's not. it's more pictures of the bridal shower a friend and i hosted last saturday.

                                          the soon to be bride and her mama

              guests had their choice of two different tables to sit at~

         jill made these scones and i wasn't sure i even really like scones. well
        guess what? she made a believer out of me!   yum : )

        i thought i liked this new top of mine- but is it just me or is it
       a bad bra? i seem to have one very noticeable protrusion. "here's
       lookin at you kid!"  seriously~

i hadn't helped plan a party for a long time- jill is soooo good at it tho, what fun to be a part
of a celebration for a couple of cuties in love... see you at the wedding k. and a.!

                                                               xo, beth

Friday, March 23, 2012

a good day is one where i create something

~and i'm sorry to say, it's not about a big fancy meal. cookin's not "my thing" friends. just about any other form of creativity makes my happy meter go up tho.

here's some collages i've made. this is a really fun way for me to get my fix for the day. (it's all legal-do not call the happy police) "nothing to see here folks, move along..."

well o.k. there is something to see, these stacked photos~

every time you take a picture, a moment is captured in time. i think that's powerful stuff.

*i'll be back this week to show you some photos of the bridal shower on sat. or maybe i'll be ready for the cupboard reveal-(yes i worked on it for a couple more hours this weekend and it's turning out quite fabulous if i do have to say so myself) and one of my best friends sent me a surprise in the mail that i want to show you.

                                                     xo, beth


Thursday, March 22, 2012

heaven's carpet

          "the violets in the mountains have broken the rocks"
                                                                               tennesee williams

my tulips are growing a few inches a day.
& it makes me sooo happy~
i feel like when you step outside you can
almost  hear  things growing.
the world is steadily coming back to life
again after winter.

nature is showing off  big~
stop and listen with me will ya?

xo, beth

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

love me some sugar

i am co-hosting a bridal shower this saturday. my friend jill -the REAL housewife of carver county, makes the most amazing confections!  she cut out and meticulously frosted these yummy cookies, and i stopped by to help her add just a bit more bling to them.

girlfriend should be teaching classes. seriously~ she's so talented! here she is painting a tiny perfect heart on each dove. she trusted me to add polka dots to the hearts.  "it's the little things that matter" right?

so just wait till i have pictures of the table all set. this girl's got dishes and vases, and table clothes and candles and i want to have all my parties at her house! here's a sneak peak at the dishes we'll be using- (don't tell the bride-to-be tho  k.?)

and as if this isn't fun enough, look at what else she hand makes~

yes...... this is heaven right here on a cutting board.
chewy, rich, carmely carmels and look what she does next:

 dips them in chocolate and drizzles the top.
i know, i know you want to come to the shower now too right?
well~ get to crate and barrel and get a gift and we'll see you saturday!

xo, b

Monday, March 19, 2012

no lawn mower necessary

loving my pot of green grass that's sprouted! this is the time lapse photography (ha) from last week till this...yes, in ONE  week you can grow your own beautiful pot of these wheat berries-go ahead and try it! it's such a breath of fresh air this time of year-and like i said-no mowing is needed, just trim it with a scissors when it gets really tall. (or let your kids trim this instead of their own bangs. do you remember those chia pets? this is the next coolest thing!)

the wheat berry seeds are under a thin layer of soil and it's lightly watered,
cover with saran wrap for your own mini greenhouse

here is what it looked like after 3 days...starting to push up the wrap!

time to take off the cover~

this is only day 5...seriously!

i know--- it's the cat's meow~ the bee's knees !

ta daaaaa!

this is at one week, now tell me you don't want your own pot of grass?

*stay tuned for the china cupboard re-do i've been
working on in my garage for the last 2 days-
i'm sooo excited to show you the transformation
of this beautiful oak beauty.

i barely had the n-r-g to write on the old blog tonite!

xo, beth

Saturday, March 17, 2012

not even a little bit irish

             but my friend is~  &  this sweet little surprise is for her hubbie-

            remember to throw on something green or you are fair game,
there are pinchers everywhere!

weekly wrap

here's a whole bunch of random photos from the last week 
and the stories behind them 

i made this banner out of junk mail and stuck it on the wall at work to welcome my boss/friend home from guatemala.

nope, this is not our cute little pole barn/cabin. i screeched to the side of the road and took the picture
to show the hubs tho...i would love to have cupolas on ours someday!

this is the old... we're talking "very old"~ creamery in independance mn. where
mama's happy has taken up residence. if you like occasional sales and junkin ladies-you  best be making a trip out there.

i bought this candle chandelier for up north...the back of my jeep was full by the time i shoved a dresser and these 2 chairs ($18 and $22) back there, so this iron beauty rode shotgun~ right up front with my gloves, water, purse, crackers and green carry all bag.  : )

no, i am not going to refinish this handsome old dresser, someone already has! this worn off
look is "the look" and i liked it. (i'm especially smitten with the hardware). I'm not telling you how much i pd. for it, oh o.k. i will-but don't tell lars- it was $195-still a really good deal i thought, it's well made and doesn't even have that musty smell inside the drawers. : )

i loved this poster, seen in the bathroom of the restaurante' some friends and i met at last week.

and lastly, how in the world did the Easter season sneak up on us so fast? i've had this old maple syrup bucket with this arrangement in it for about 10 years, but i still love it and put it on the front door every spring.

off to get some chores done and make a target run~ toodles!!!

xo, beth