Wednesday, March 21, 2012

love me some sugar

i am co-hosting a bridal shower this saturday. my friend jill -the REAL housewife of carver county, makes the most amazing confections!  she cut out and meticulously frosted these yummy cookies, and i stopped by to help her add just a bit more bling to them.

girlfriend should be teaching classes. seriously~ she's so talented! here she is painting a tiny perfect heart on each dove. she trusted me to add polka dots to the hearts.  "it's the little things that matter" right?

so just wait till i have pictures of the table all set. this girl's got dishes and vases, and table clothes and candles and i want to have all my parties at her house! here's a sneak peak at the dishes we'll be using- (don't tell the bride-to-be tho  k.?)

and as if this isn't fun enough, look at what else she hand makes~

yes...... this is heaven right here on a cutting board.
chewy, rich, carmely carmels and look what she does next:

 dips them in chocolate and drizzles the top.
i know, i know you want to come to the shower now too right?
well~ get to crate and barrel and get a gift and we'll see you saturday!

xo, b

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