Saturday, March 17, 2012

weekly wrap

here's a whole bunch of random photos from the last week 
and the stories behind them 

i made this banner out of junk mail and stuck it on the wall at work to welcome my boss/friend home from guatemala.

nope, this is not our cute little pole barn/cabin. i screeched to the side of the road and took the picture
to show the hubs tho...i would love to have cupolas on ours someday!

this is the old... we're talking "very old"~ creamery in independance mn. where
mama's happy has taken up residence. if you like occasional sales and junkin ladies-you  best be making a trip out there.

i bought this candle chandelier for up north...the back of my jeep was full by the time i shoved a dresser and these 2 chairs ($18 and $22) back there, so this iron beauty rode shotgun~ right up front with my gloves, water, purse, crackers and green carry all bag.  : )

no, i am not going to refinish this handsome old dresser, someone already has! this worn off
look is "the look" and i liked it. (i'm especially smitten with the hardware). I'm not telling you how much i pd. for it, oh o.k. i will-but don't tell lars- it was $195-still a really good deal i thought, it's well made and doesn't even have that musty smell inside the drawers. : )

i loved this poster, seen in the bathroom of the restaurante' some friends and i met at last week.

and lastly, how in the world did the Easter season sneak up on us so fast? i've had this old maple syrup bucket with this arrangement in it for about 10 years, but i still love it and put it on the front door every spring.

off to get some chores done and make a target run~ toodles!!!

xo, beth

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