Monday, March 19, 2012

no lawn mower necessary

loving my pot of green grass that's sprouted! this is the time lapse photography (ha) from last week till this...yes, in ONE  week you can grow your own beautiful pot of these wheat berries-go ahead and try it! it's such a breath of fresh air this time of year-and like i said-no mowing is needed, just trim it with a scissors when it gets really tall. (or let your kids trim this instead of their own bangs. do you remember those chia pets? this is the next coolest thing!)

the wheat berry seeds are under a thin layer of soil and it's lightly watered,
cover with saran wrap for your own mini greenhouse

here is what it looked like after 3 days...starting to push up the wrap!

time to take off the cover~

this is only day 5...seriously!

i know--- it's the cat's meow~ the bee's knees !

ta daaaaa!

this is at one week, now tell me you don't want your own pot of grass?

*stay tuned for the china cupboard re-do i've been
working on in my garage for the last 2 days-
i'm sooo excited to show you the transformation
of this beautiful oak beauty.

i barely had the n-r-g to write on the old blog tonite!

xo, beth

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