Friday, March 9, 2012

one is fun!

you remember HJ right? well the little punkin turned one recently and i had the pleasure of
attending his party. could he possibly get any cuter? i keep thinking it's not possible, and then
i see him---and it is and he has!    : )

i suspect he was praying for cake

grandma stuck him in his new toy box

here he's practicing to blow out his ONE candle i think~
don't laugh, it's his first time~

little dude's a new walker ~go hj~!

"thar she blows" ~ (momma)

he needed little encouragement and his cousin
was happy to help

stay sweet little one

*i'm having a big bowl of porridge (oatmeal) with chai seeds on while i blog
these little seed dealios are a new supplement i'm enjoying-they are a
"super food"...we can only hope it's true for this picky eater-haha

*my youngest has been home for his FINAL spring break from college,
he'll graduate in the spring with a law enforcement degree!

*i need to spend a couple more hours getting paperwork
organized for our tax apt. in the morning---anyone want
to come spend fri. evening with me? you can help!!!

*last night was a fun evening with 6 friends, eating out and
talking smack. we were laughing so hard at one point
i nearly had an accident. and i'm not talking about
spilling my wine either.

*our waiter was the absolute spitting image of
manny, from modern family. he.was.a.hoot. too : )

*special prayers for our little friend will who is having
his tonsils out today ~ love ya little guy!
xo, beth


  1. What a complete cutie! 1st birthdays are so exciting. He looks very grown-up for 1, and walking too, awesome!!

  2. I thought he turned four? LOL! He's okay...


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