Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ten little things

my friend's chairs... ( i know, i know-i wanna be there too)

today made me happy. it's march friends and it was in the 60's! i live in minnesota you know, not california-this is not the norm!

   here's what i'm excited about right now~

1. the pot of wheat grass i planted yesterday
(i know things are happening under that layer of soil even tho
i can't see it yet)

2. i took my big sweetie to get his motorcycle out of
storage and followed him home. he swerved a little
ahead of me...showing off. boys will be boys : )

3. it felt marvelous to sit in a lawnchair on the
deck after work, laptop on my lap. it was actually
so sunny i couldn't even SEE the screen

4. we have a new bed and for the first time in a long
time i woke up without a backache

5. i found some fabulous new music i'm going to load on my ipod
as soon as i'm done blogging (love me some new music!)

6. love is in the air

7. seasoned turkey burgers. have you tried them?

8. i am winning at a game of scrabble : )

9. i colored my hair yesterday with a box of nice and easy.
it was neither nice nor easy...but all the
black that stained my forehead and ears has
almost disappeared today...hehe 

10. my oldest got a diagnosis that may
bring him some relief from pain, after his accident
back in dec.

what's makin you happy right now?
i'd love to see your list. (come on, email it to me)!

today was just a whole bunch of good.
feeling quite blessed,

xo beth

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