Monday, March 26, 2012

shower wrap~

did you think maybe this meant that i was going to show you a tutorial on how to make one of those
velcro'd, terry cloth dealy bobs, that you throw on when you're at a posh spa and you need to walk around half neck-ed in front of strangers in turbines? (like i'd know-hehe) well sorry but it's not. it's more pictures of the bridal shower a friend and i hosted last saturday.

                                          the soon to be bride and her mama

              guests had their choice of two different tables to sit at~

         jill made these scones and i wasn't sure i even really like scones. well
        guess what? she made a believer out of me!   yum : )

        i thought i liked this new top of mine- but is it just me or is it
       a bad bra? i seem to have one very noticeable protrusion. "here's
       lookin at you kid!"  seriously~

i hadn't helped plan a party for a long time- jill is soooo good at it tho, what fun to be a part
of a celebration for a couple of cuties in love... see you at the wedding k. and a.!

                                                               xo, beth

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