Thursday, March 1, 2012

buckets of snow and a whole bunch of gratitude

holy snow fall batman!!!!!

and to think, we were one of the lighter hit areas in MN on tues. night

 yes, i took this while driving, but i promise i was going about 2 mph

here's my hilarious big sweetie, taking the time to blow out a path for me before he left for work. i looked out and saw him wearing this "gilligan" hat that i bought for my grandson and
ran for my camera. dude could care less what he wears-  keep in mind, i was seen outside in his bathrobe and dress shoes this week too. :  )  we belong in the country. call us the klampets.

                            how gorgeous is this old barn?

oh man....i'm watching american idol~~~they are revealing the top picks for this season... i'm so distracted!
i should be down walking on the treadmill after a big dinner out -somebody give me a push towards the basement will ya?

                here's one more shot from yesterday~

so tomorrow i'm off work and i will be hunting. hunting for some cool anchor piece for our "hunting lodge".    that's what i've decided to call it.
 *if you take a metal pole building and add a girl who hasn't had a big decorating challenge since she opened a little home decor store 7 years ago, what do you get?

1. sleepless nights
2. excitement
3. ideas oozing out of me like the ice cream that fills the cones
    at dairy queen
4. lists, lists, and post it notes
5. the desire to give this metal building such a unique look that it will go from
    feeling like a metal pole barn to "a lodge" (this may take years)
6. impatience- i can hardly WAIT to get to work

7. and last but most importantly: wagon loads of gratitude for this gift my hubbie's parents
    left us. they made this possible for our family with the work of their hands. they were
    simple down to earth people who loved their family above all else.
we intend to make
    them proud.

                                                                  xo, beth


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  1. lovin' all the pics of snow!! and excited about your new hunting lodge! i'm sure you will have it look divine in no time!! have a good day!


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