Wednesday, February 29, 2012

feb. 29th, 2012.

life can be good, life can be unpredictable, it can be long, hilarious, challenging and beautiful. 

life can be scary, miraculous, disappointing or eye opening, life can be be serious and silly.

life can be brief, it can also be a roller coaster. it can be amazing, like a gift. life can be sad, fragile, sweet, confusing, maddening, exhausting or fulfilling. life can be terrifying, lovely, delicious.

                         life can be.

      but good or bad, happy or sad, we only, each one of us
get ONE chance at this thing called life. even with all it's ups and downs, i hope that we are conscious of how very lucky we are to be living this life together. on the same planet, at the same time.
   I am glad to know you.

today is february 29th. they threw in an extra day for us. an extra day of life. let's not waste it okay? today's a bonus day. hallelujah! head out and make it a GREAT one.

               xo, beth


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