Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i c e

here's the scene outside my window tonight. it started with snow, then turned to rain and now?
now we have freezing temps and all the that wet stuff is freezing on everything.
i was outside taking pictures in my big sweetie's bathrobe (cause mine's in the washer) and dress shoes.
*if my neighbors pay any attention to me at all they must surely think i'm a little loco*
wanna see more?

do birds have tongues? if they do i hope none of them stick their itty bitty ones on the flagpole tomorrow
cause they're going to stick. just say'n.
have you ever seen this happen to a person-and not just in the movies?
i have. it was in elementary school~ it was my neighbor boy. he is very, very smart-like genius iq-
but you wouldn't have known it that day.

 if you have to park your car outside~sorry bout
the extra 20 minutes it's going to take to scrape your
windows- pretty sure i'll be out slip-slidin away
taking more ice pictures come sun up.

now my memory card and i are headed to bed.

we got the thrilling news last night that we
are going to be the proud new owners of
a hunting property "up north".
i was so excited i didn't sleep too well-and today? well i was
sooo excited about the 12 inches of snow we were supposed
to be getting. i'm feeling a little cheated-but get this~~~
as i was watching the news just now i heard
that the school district our CABIN is in is
closed tomorrow
due to the major snowfall.
yep- you heard that right
girlfriend is going to be decorating a cabin.

lots more details to come~ :  )
it's not a typical place- it's going to be interesting/challenging to say
the least-
i am ex-cit-ed about the challenge!

sleep tight
 and don't let the bedbugs bite.
they are not an urban legand friends, my boss was
in vegas last week and some of her friends in the same hotel were attacked by them
in the dark of the night.
xo, beth

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