Thursday, February 23, 2012

fly away home

i had a parakeet when i was young. i named her paulette. how original. i liked her in theory, but i was actually terrified of her. every time i had to stick my hand in her cage to put in food, give her water or comb her, she'd peck me like crazy. i'd jerk my hand out, consequently spilling the water all over and i'd have to repeat steps one and two.

my gram used to let her out of her cage once in a while-DO NOT ASK ME WHY- i really have no idea. she'd fly around sporadically and if she got anywhere near me i'd run hide in the bathroom. have you seen alfred hitchcocks THE BIRDS?

maybe it was training for the house i would later live in with BATS!

i've never been much of a pet person. sometime i'll tell you about the baby kitties my sister and i got from the neighbors.
i have a picture of me and my sis with baby bunnies we got for Easter once,
i have no idea what ever became of them.
oh my gosh i just remembered i had a pet turtle too!
i named her myrtle.   again, how original.
i wasn't quite as scared of it, i could out run it- even on
a bad day.

a goldfish. now that's a good pet.

p.s. i was kidding when i said i combed paulette. : )

xo, beth

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