Tuesday, February 7, 2012

fishing, birth and paper crowns

so last weekend my son and grandson went to lake of the woods -you need a passport to get there. they fished & they caught fish. they ate fish, they brought home fish and i can't wait to share some of it with them! it was a big dealio for my grandboy. he caught so many fish it's probably ruined "normal" fishing for him for the rest of his life. and can you believe this smile? ear to ear-i just swallowed the canary smile.

see that town in the background? no?  that's because this is sheer frozen lake, as faaaaar as the eye can see


i had a hilarious day at work today. i work for a photographer. she and i have so much fun together
you can't even really call it work.
well today she told me to research the area occasional sales and find a weekend with a bunch in one area. she said
she and i are going to head out-close the shop even, and scout for some new/old props.
props are everything in a cool photography studio. so i got that all planned and on the calander,
then after lunch i got a wild hair and started making birthday hats out of fab paper. next
it was a layered, fancy crown to plunk on the head of a newborn baby. i think anyone who has just shoved his
or her way into this world deserves the right to wear a crown on their head.
after all, they've just "crowned" - get it?

they'd probably like an ibuprofen too. let's face it. their widdle heads have got to hurt after what they've
just been through. and we wonder why babies cry after birth. seriously!
THEN i made a pennant, (annie kept calling it a pennance) to use in the
background of fun kids photos.
if that wasn't a perfect day at work i don't know what is-my creative juices were flow-ing!


 3 of my besties and i are having a girls weekend fri. sat. and sunday.
we all too excited to sleep!
we bring each other bedprizes and we share great magazines and any handmades we've
whipped up for show and tell.
we'll hit some area thrift shops and occasional sales in anoka and eat too much junk
and stay up late-we almost have to pass a feather to talk. we have SO much to share our
heads are about to pop off. :  )

love you snow much!

xo, beth


  1. look at those fish...my son would be in heaven!! sounds like a fun day at work and a great weekend planned! can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Jenn, I'll be at Maggie's and that my friend is a gauranteed greAt time! You have any fun plans???


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