Wednesday, February 8, 2012

rock, paper, scissors

in my last post i told you about the fun i had monkeying with paper and making props we can use for photo shoots at work. i snapped some pictures today to share with you- not rocket science my friends, just "pretties" that will hopefully make you smile!

can i just tell ya that i ate half of this little beauty and then in no time flat- proceeded to have major low blood sugar-haha

the paper pennants...hanging in the shooting area

see the little paper 1 i cut out? a little guy is coming in on fri. to have 1st birthday pictures taken. we're giving him a cupcake and plopping a party hat on the little dude! F-U-N

hello little honey

as long as i was cutting paper, i decided to make a couple moustaches and have a little fun with some baby pics! (how darling is she, and yours truly made her hat)

and lastly , the word family. for a family of 5 to hold up in a photo.

o.k., so there are no rocks involved in this post, it just sounded good i thought.

are you in the area? wanna come in and have your kids pictures taken?

xo, beth

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