Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love is in the air, and in the fridge...

look at the valentine cake my hubbie made for me. it's heart shaped, pudding filled,
 raspberry whipped cream frosted and delish!
to top it off he plunked a marshmallow peep that says "i heart u" on top. he told me he thought i loved peeps. (i've never even tried one, but how cute is that?) there's still some in the fridge if you want to stop by. 
when he retires from his current job i think he may have a future in the bakery at byerlys don't you?

years ago we lived in alexandria and the local newspaper had a valentines contest.
it was called "the sweetest lips".
we were young and kinda poor so i thought, why not.
a friend who worked for the paper assured me that names
would not be published, so i put on red lipstick
delicately kissed a piece of paper and sent my entry in.
when the paper arrived that week, low and behold---
and there, by my lip print was my name, AND address
in case there was any doubt that i'd been
goofy enough to enter.
i knew a lot of people.
i got teased a lot.
but somehow it all felt worth it when
my love and i were sitting at raddison arrowwood enjoying
a night on them!

i hope you get to be with the ones you love today-
or call them, tell them you love them-tell them why,
and then do it again tomorrow.



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