Friday, February 10, 2012

family photo

this is my uncle tom's family on the day we celebrated his 80th birthday. i adore this big bunch of human beings. they are funsteres, get along and are respectful of each. they're also upstanding citizens and cool stuff like that. here's another cool thing about last sunday. the couple on the right, lost one of their two beloved daughters a few years ago in a fire. many times since, they've felt her presence with them. i took many pictures this morning and look what showed up on the one below. it only showed up once too. and not on anyone else's pictures.

we believe in heaven. we think that this was liz, popping in to be a part of her grandpa's party. she was his first grandchild and they lived near each other and were very close.  they shared a lot of trips to the dairy queen : ) and i think she was there with us last sunday, making her presence known.  do you believe that our loved ones are able to connect with us in some way after they're gone? it's a comfort to me. (have you read the book: heaven is for real?)

                                                          xo, beth

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