Tuesday, February 21, 2012

in the back alley

you just never know what you'll find if you veer (what a great, seldom used word) off the beaten path my friends. these pictures were taken in a back alley. what~ you may ask, am i doing in back alleys? well...lookin for a parking place of course and some photo ops along the way. : )

they mean business in this little town. do NOT congregate & i mean it. there will be consequences.
 i am a rule follower. (well for the most part- i have been known to pull up right in front of the library and run in to get a quick book when there are no parking places)-so i didn't cruise and i didn't congregate, i just parked & it can't be considered congregating if you are by yourself right???
*oh this sign was so threatening & confusing, i looked around for gang members and didn't see any.
 i so did not want to be raped, get a ticket or go to jail.

 and then in that same back alley there was this random couch.... it was fabulous too I might add....that sucker would have come home with me if i had had a truck. the sign said nothing about picking up rogue couches. : )

look closely. kitties or squirrels have obviously been having a party on this bad boy. nice.

wanna go exploring with me? road tripping? looking in back alleys?

come on, let's go!
i came out unscathed (another good word)

p.s. have you spelled squirrels lately?  now that's just
a weird word when you think about it. did
i spell it right?

xo, beth


  1. I have always had a slight fear of and intrigue with back alleys...

    but, that couch would be worth going into a back alley to get!

  2. jenn - i completely agree!!!!!!
    one time, whilst out garage saleing with my dear mother... she asked me to toss something in a large dumpster in an alley next to the FABULOUS garage sale site... so i did, and when i lifted the lid a black cat jumped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my knees buckled and i fell to the ground and screamed! SERIOUSLY! i am a good daughter! :)

  3. oh that's freaking funny maggie. remember when we stumbled upon the garage sale of the owner of HUNT AND GATHER and how we almost peed our shorts we were so excited about it all? and we called your mom and gloated a little that we were there and she wasn't...hahaha
    (and baby Jos sat on the ground and chewed on old croquet mallets that were covered in chipped paint and prolly contained lead!!!)


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