Monday, February 13, 2012

saturday steals~

on friday i promised you a peek at my fabulous finds from the girls weekend i had. here they are in all their glory- if it all seems a bit random-well? it is!! haha

we are looking for hunting land and in my mind i am already decorating a little hunting cabin. just because it's a hunting shack doesn't mean it has to be tasteless does it? well not in this girl's world. if i have anything to say about it- (and i may or may not-after all i am the only "non hunter" of the 6 of us), whether we buy something that already has a building, or we have to build a little somethin somethin... i got a few tidbits to get the ball rolling.

p.s. a few years ago my hubbie and the boys built a deluxe fish house on our driveway... well guess who was in the house making curtains for the windows and assembling a cork board with great pictures of past fishing trips etc. to jazz it up inside? yep- girlfriend can't leave it alone. i guess you can say i like a project- in my own way i am a hunter too---what do you need, i can go looking for it for you!  :   )

the first few pictures are not cabin related...we'll get to them~

had to have these glasses~  5.95

i love old silver pieces, this will make a fabulous vase.  2.50

i'm going to tie a pretty ribbon from the sides of this so it will hang and use it as a vase too~ 2.50


now let's get to the cabiny stuff k.?

throw made at the faribault woolen mills- seriously?  14.95

green tray will be used for a million different things, a real dealio at 13 bucks.

now this---brand new queen sized  quilt with shams- 34.00. they'll be fightin over this one
for their beds.

and this little vintage picture of a pup was my very favorite find of the day.  i am in love with the little
guys expression. it's actually wrapped up and will be part of my hubbies valentines present.
my hubs loves dogs. loves, loves, loves them. our dog is his best friend.
9 dollars my friends. SCORE!

and as if i wasn't excited enough already about this old dog picture, the man below was sitting in
the gas station i stopped at on my way home. my girlfriend went in to get some pop and she
came out and said "em, (my nickname)-you have GOT to go in there and bring your camera, there is the nicest looking gentleman in a wheelchair in there, holding a little dog, and you're goina just die! ask him if you can take his picture"! well i thought about it for a minute and then did just that...and i think the nice guy
felt kind of honored that we thought he and his little sidekick were so adorable.

little pups name is lu-lu

had a fabulous weekend with the girls, may circle back and show you more of the fun later in the week.
happy monday friends!

xo, beth


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