Tuesday, February 14, 2012

conversation hearts. don'tcha just love em?

i made this stacked collage just for you! even tho i already posted earlier today,
i couldn't let the day pass without sending it your way~
like the picture says,
sweet wishes for a
happy valentines day

thanks for stopping by to see what i had
to share today.

i love you guys for following me! i love blogging and it would
be no fun at all if none of you cared.

if i could i would have brought each of you a decorated sugar cookie today-
seriously!  not even kidding

these are the favors my friend brought us this weekend.
we like to call them bed prizes.

that's extra hugs and kisses today

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  1. seriously love how you do those collages...I really need to work on learning how! :-)


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