Friday, February 17, 2012

that's what friends are for~

busy, fun week here in chanhassen. valentines day was great, and  i spent an evening at a friends planning a bridal did the days get away
from me so fast? now it's friday and we have a busy weekend of plans too!

here are more photos of my fun with the girls last weekend~

"friendship teaches us to care about anothers pain, anothers joy...our friends help us to be
ourselves but they also help us to be more than we knew ourselves to be." stephanie paulsell

maggie, our hostess just got a new puppy -HI BAILEY-how flipping
cute are you?

i fell in love with this vinyette in her newly redecorated bathroom

these to-die-for cups were on the counter, ready for us to use (can you spell anthropology?)

josie k. left for the weekend with her daddy, but i got to take a
few sweet pictures of her first.

do you remember that pink flamingo i snuck in leslie's garden in the fall? well lookie
here, she reappeared all bedazzeled up and ready to you think we had
enough junk food selections?   hahaha

the sisters peruse jewelry in an antique store

she always cracks me up!

we always, and i mean always look forward to sharing new magazines!
the whole time we were eating dinner we each had our heads stuck in a favorite~

artful bloggin magazine-a buffet for the senses!

and i'll leave you with these polka dotted wellies-one of maggie's hostess gifts. these girls know how to have a good time-and i can never WAIT to be a part of it!

part of the fam is heading up north again tomorrow... to the park rapids area this time-to look for hunting land. this is hard work-i find myself obsessively looking at listings, hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that we will be lead to the perfect place to build family memories and hang together in the future!

sunday i am more than excited to be a part of a 30th b-day parTAY for a friend of my daughters. a winery, wine, cheese, presents, fun women and gifts will be part of our afternoon. what could be better?

i hope you have some fun plans too, and if that includes time to do absolutely NOTHING, well then yell "YEEE HAAAA"!  see ya sunday or monday, have a gaaa-rate weekend!

                                          xo, beth

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