Monday, February 20, 2012


being part of a friend's 30th birthday party yesterday was a blast!!!!

* i can not even remember what 30 felt like friends...well i guess maybe i can a little~i was pregnant, i was big, i didn't feel so good with most of my pregnancies, so i guess that's what 30 felt like to me. that baby born in my 30th year? he's 23 do the math. : ) it seems like another lifetime ago.

to me 30 sounds so young, so fresh, so full of possibilities. your whole life is ahead of you yet rosie....happy birthday sweet girl!

                                                go ahead, eat the cake!
yes, we LOVE your new boots ms. s.

if you get a chance, have your birthday at a vineyard-seriously! the party was supposed
to last 4 hours. 5 hours later we walked out of there, smiling and happy and we
promised each other that it wouldn't be the last time we gathered there to
raise a toast and celebrate the day one of us was born.

ummm, yeah the girls had had a bit of wine now-we were at a vineyard remember?

it was the cutie in the white blouse's birthday too- double the fun!

these  3 girls have been friends for years -sorry karissa, didn't get
one with your eyes open

having friends help you celebrate is one of the
BEST parts of growing older.
(that and the presents) : )

i gave rose a real present but i also had a funny idea. i scooped up 30 rocks from our landscaping
wrapped them real purdy and added a little sign that said just that---30 ROCKS-
she laughed and said "i'm not throwing these, i'm going to put them around a candle."
go ahead, copy me. it was kinda clever don't you think?

xo, beth


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  1. Those photos are the best! Ugh! Love. And I already have the rocks tucked under my bed, ready for Anita's birthday!


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