Wednesday, February 1, 2012

could it be l~o~v~e?

i have an aged piano like you think i should paint a heart on some of the keys?

it's february

& you know what that means right?
you have exactly 13 days to come up with some cute ideas to make your loved ones
feel special.
this doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend money
either (altho an inexpensive grocery store bouquet makes us larson girls smile)

so what are some ideas of things you can do to show someone they're loved?
well how about making them their favorite dessert? who doesn't love some sugar.
(some people say "give me some sugar" when they want a kiss too).

you could offer to do a chore for them, something you know they hate to do...
you could write them a love note -reminding them (and yourself) why you love them.

light a candle, pour a couple glasses of wine-look at your wedding pictures together,

if they are as outdated as ours- you can have a good laugh.

from the time i started dating my big sweetie in junior high, he's always given
me 3 cards for every occasion. one is funny, one is mushy and the other one-
well... when the kids were younger, i'd have to hide it from them.
dude should have had stock in hallmark.
my valentine is a romantic.
i love him.

xo, beth


  1. tell your husband to give a few hints on "card giving" to my husband PLEASE!!!!! often he forgets to sign his name! SERIOUSLY!!!

  2. My #1 buys me a card and himself a card from me. And they're always PERFECT!


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