Monday, January 30, 2012

just another day in paradise~

do you know this?

there is no such thing as an ordinary day.

every day is different. every day holds new possibilities.
people constantly amaze me....for instance a second cousin of mine
posted pictures today of her sled dog excursion waaaay
up in the northern part of MN.  *just look at this!

what? no tent-this is not the holiday inn?

hi eileen!

yep...that's no optical illusion my friends...that's the dog sledding crew at sun up, sound asleep, heads covered completely in their sleeping bags-----RIGHT in the snow. and it snowed on them some more during the night. like someone else commented...i'm cold "inside" my house, but these brave adventurers slept outside right on the ground, when it was 0 degrees and lived to tell the story. how cool is that. (darned cool...freezing cool even!): )

then there is my daughter's friend who has set a personal challenge for herself to run one mile a day, every day of 2012. it's day 30 and she's done it-every day so far. it's an admirable goal.i would probably do it like 4 times and then think, "oh not today, i have a cold, or a hang nail, or it's too hot"...but i have no doubt she will do it.

and can i tell you about my son? he helped try to save a life on sunday. he was volunteering at a snowmobile race and an elderly man dropped to the ground in front of him. my son was a fireman for 5 years and has e.m.t. training and although he has a shoulder that's giving him tremendous pain after a recent car accident, he immediately checked his vitals and started doing CPR. other medical people arrived but the man did not survive--but boy i am proud of my son for his efforts to try and help. the man's son, who was in his late 30's was right there and he was crying afterwards and told eric that he wished he would have thanked his dad more. eric reassured him that he was sure his dad knew he appreciated him, and then later our son texted his dad-he did not even tell us what had happened. he was too emotional about it all- he just left my hubbie a message thanking him for being a good dad.

i saw the first red cardinal eating at my feeder this morning. man do i love those birds. where have you been all winter big fella???

tonight i cooked fish tacos for the gang and 2 of my kids were here to eat and talk about the hunting land we are hoping to buy. ahhh the simple pleasures that today brought.

there is no such thing as an ordinary day really. i love how you just never know when you wake up-who will inspire you, who might need your help-what you might see or hear that will change the course of your life.

hope your today is extra ordinary- in some small way.

xo, beth

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  1. Dear Beth...I needed to hear this today! Thank you! your son is so brave! bless his heart! Have a blessed day!


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