Tuesday, January 17, 2012

you can't make this stuff up...

late last summer i was on my way home from church and something so funny caught my eye
that i felt compelled to drive home, get my camera and head back for a picture. this was in a nice "neighborly" neighborhood. well tonight on my way home from work, i passed that same yard and bust out laughing thinking about that morning, so i'm going to share it with y'all & hope it will make you laugh too.  :  )

apparently the party was at THEIR  house the night before~i have a suspicion someone turned

and then the next day, i was at a stoplight and these hilarious divas in the pink convertible pulled up right next to me... i wanted to jump in the back seat-doesn't it look they were headed for   f-u-n ?  but as you can see-there was no back seat. it's all in a days work around here people---keep your eyes on the road!

xo, beth

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  1. ohhh this is good stuff!!!
    we need to purchase a blow up doll and corvette ASAP! :)


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