Monday, January 9, 2012

record heat

so...something freakish is happening in minne-sota. the temps are so warm that i had to open a kitchen window yesterday when i had a pot roast in the oven. it was jan. 8th friends. there were people out running in shorts. i saw women in sandels with no socks out shopping. this is not normal! and look at what i saw when i looked out the window this morning~

had to run and take their picture before they were gone. this made me think
about other pink flamingo sightings from 2011.
who doesn't love a good old
pink flamingo?
makes you smile doesn't it... the sheer tackiness of it all. 

being chase by wild flamingos can be fun

or annoying!

here's my favorite flamingo from last year.
i scored this guy at a yard sale and
 here he was on his way to alexandria
to punk my friend.
i snuck him in her garden and she's never
mentioned it. i have a feeling i haven't seen the
last of him.

have the best of mondays sweet friends.
it's back to work for me tomorrow after a wonderful break , it will
feel good. i've been lazy long enough, now i'm heading to the basement
to walk on the treadmill we bought last night.

xo, b.

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