Friday, January 6, 2012

nikon moments~

posies from the garden of yours truly know by now that girlfriend takes a lot of pictures right? here are some of my favorites from last year~ 
dude is a neighbor of mine

                                                                     our seth

ever seen eyes so blue?
girl fun


happy birthday petie

for sale-  :   )

baby ben
steph and crystal

well hello kids~

granola bar anyone?
deacon tim on the day we dedicated a bench in memory of our dear friend mike

two of my favorite men on the planet
grew em, loved em
isie and her momasita
don't you just love all this baby skin?

a precious moment between a mother and son

lights on my deck
a  majestic sky

the road to my sisters last friday

now i'm thirsty, so i hope you enjoyed this~ bye bye &
happy friday my friends

xo, beth






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