Saturday, January 28, 2012

happy, happy saturday my friends!
* man do i have alot of fabulous photos and quotes stored in my computer that i'd like to share with you...can i? can i just show you a whole bunch of them? oh thanks~ hope they inspire you even a tiny bit as much as they do me.

can you believe i took this with my phone on an evening walk? that's heaven up there, i can almost see it

it is after all, still january

i don't sing well at all, but boy can i eat cake!

i  already thought anne was amazing and then i attended her memorial service today and realized we
were entertaining an angel, unaware~

isn't this beautiful?

doesn't a baby "anything" just make you happy?

i had a record number of people read my blog yesterday...if you are here, i thank you, this writing and sharing is really opening your heart and soul to anyone who stumbles upon my thoughts or comes here by intention.
it's a little bit scary to put yourself out there~ but like i told a friend this week,

"i find it shelter to speak to you"
thanks for stopping by~

be blessed today
xo, beth


  1. Love all the quotes!! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I just started a new blog and didn't tell anyone! EEK! It's frightening to have people read your story and know your life. Peak if you want to:


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