Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sleep on a sweater

these are sweaters right?
well not for long my friends...

here's a project i whipped up a couple days ago. the first order
of business was to go thrifting for good quality sweaters that i could
picture in my mind being transformed into pillows covers. check.
(i loved both of these so much that if they had fit me i would have kept them to wear instead
of ruthlessly hacking them up).

*first i laid one out and cut off the sleeves and turtle neck.

if you want to try this, simply sew the front and back sides
together, with the "good" sides facing in and leave the bottom open
to insert your pillow form.
so here it is, turned right side out,
a pillow form stuffed inside and the open side stitched shut.

the back is great too, a more subtle version of the
cabled front.

here it is, all done and let me tell you, this is a quick project-once you have your
materials  that is.
*the belt strapped around it is a fun extra, easily slipped off if that
look doesn't float your boat.
what do you think?
cozy, comfy-very minnesotan i think.

xo, beth

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  1. luv, luv, luv these cozy pillows! (aren't you impressed? since i forgot my gmail password i was able to finally reset it! yay!)


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