Monday, January 23, 2012

she's an angel

a sweet, sweet neighbor of mine died today. i was not a close friend of hers, but i was very fond of her. there was much i didn't know about her, but here are some things i did know.

she was lovely, and for many of the 20 years we lived in the same neighborhood, she wore her beautiful curly hair very long. oh how i envied her that beautiful hair.

she was a runner. again-i admired what her strong body was capable of.

she was an enthusiastic gardener. i loved to see her sunflowers shoot up to the edge of the roof in front of her house every summer.

she played piano, and often i saw her through the front window playing away when i walked by.

she loved her cats.

she was soft spoken and had huge smile, a darling laugh.

she was the mother of identical twin girls. they are 25 and remarkable. they are both already changing the world in ways that would make even the most humble mother proud.

she was only in her 50's, in my opinion~to young to die.

she was a wife, mother, sister, friend. she was one of those unforgettable people who left this world a better place.

 her suffering is over, she was a believer.

God Bless you and your family Anne, i feel so fortunate to have known you.

xo, beth

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  1. So sorry to hear about your neighbor! I agree, fifty is waaay to young to die. Prayers for her family!

    Love your creations over at the Mamasitas!!


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