Friday, January 13, 2012

what if

last sunday i was driving and this thought popped into my head. what would i do if i found
out i was dying? like soon.

well, i'm sitting here thinking about it and here's what i think i would do:

*panic----totally panic

*get a second opinion

*start praying more. go to church more. read more books about death and dying.
consult with people who know more about it than i do, do everything i could to reassure myself that heaven is for real. ask for prayers

~ now that those initial reactions would be over, i'd probably start to settle down and
move on to the next stage and that would hopefully include things like this ( right off the top of my head, in no particular order) ~

*start journaling like crazy for each of my kids

*show my hubbie where all the important papers are

*casually get rid of a lot of stuff-maybe even just have an ongoing bonfire out back and an open window upstairs to chuck it from~ : )

*make sure my girl knew what jewelry is important to me and why-i love having pieces that
were my mom and grams

*eat wHaTeVeR i wanted,  wHeNeVeR i wanted (potato chips? why yes thanks)

*fight the good fight till the end

*call the people who matter most to me and hang out with them

* wear a tiara to all doctors apts.

*order takeout-

*cancel all apt.s for annoying stuff like laser hair removal and dental work

* say "i love you"  & hug my loved ones...  till it freaking annoyed them~ xoxoxoxoxox

*head to tuscany a.s.a.p with my family in tow

*try to stay positive so people would want to visit me

*start being thankful for the hair i was given

*make sure someone knew that my favorite song is 'what a wonderful world'

*contact julia roberts and see if she'd do lunch

*leave love letters for everyone who helped me navigate this wild and precious life

*buy a red jeep wrangler!
and last but not least, i'd sign up for a marathon. i have the greatest admiration for
anyone who's ever run one. i've always wished i was athletic. i could sign up-but i wouldn't have to actually do it then -right????

it's friday. who doesn't love a good friday? don't worry about it being
friday the 13th. superstitions are just that-superstitions.
make it a GREAT day.

*a special shout out to my sweet friend lexi (just 17)
who found out late last night that
she was accepted into the new york city
ballet company. lexi, you continue to amaze-and
i will be in the audience someday, i promise!

i would be so happy if you'd send me back your bucket list.

xo, beth

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  1. Dearest Beth,

    Thanks for the LEXI shout out! So proud of my beautiful daughter!
    I have no bucket list to offer, just this suggestion...

    Let's get together for lunch tomorrow and book plane tickets to Europe!

    Love you !!




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