Monday, January 16, 2012

blue monday

GOTCHA... i'm not blue~ really, i just have a whole collection of  amazing things in blue
to show you. many years ago i decided i was done with blue~ like for-evaar.  if i saw one more
county blue comforter, one more county blue bathroom or one more cloth doll in a blue gingham dress i thought i may be sick.

slowly but surely though the decorating industry made me love it again.
it started with robins egg blue. (ohhh)  then there was sea glass blue.(um hmmm)  then they hit us with a little cornflower blue- oh yes it's all about the name i've decided.

slate blue frames
for real?

tiffany blue

robins egg blue kitchen aide? yes! so retro

lovin the cowboy boots for bridesmaids

so soothing

cork -how ingenious

  i'll leave you with this one, and me? i'm off painting a bathroom a soft seaglass color. no not really, but i'm thinking about it. : )

                                          nantucket, i'm saving up to come and see you!



  1. I love blue! The slate blue frames are my fav!

  2. I love the blue jean kids on the right! When and where was that photo taken? It looks like they had fun!

  3. Oh that cute pic of my kids I snapped in our garage last summer-I had glue on the floor and they got stuck in it for a couple minutes and couldn't get away from me...haha


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