Saturday, January 7, 2012

mr. clean and i~

it's saturday and i'm cleaning. got that january clean thing going on here on canyon curve.
sometimes i phsyc myself out...pretend that we are listing our house and i have to
clean everywhere-so that if anyone opened any cupboard or drawer
they'd see all my messes.
works every time!

the two silverwear drawers took almost an hour. seriously! i am trying to
really think about whether or not i need and use an item too. the rest is going
to be donated.

the hubs, son and grandboy are going ice fishing- they are all downstairs monkeying
with their tackle boxes-which i'm pretty sure is alot like jewelry boxes to us girls.
they organize and they add (quite a bit of adding with the Christmas loot) and
now they are gathering hot chocolate and snacks and they
are heading out to hunt and gather. provide- you know? -like the cavemen they are.
 fresh fish would taste SO good.

what are you up to this fine january day?
celebrating your 50th birthday?
(wishing my sister in law mary a fAbUlOuS birthday!)
doing errands?
kickin back?

make it a great day!
xo, beth

if this were my kitchen, i'd be giving tours!

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