Tuesday, January 10, 2012

great rooms~

i dream of a kitchen with a center island. 

and isn't this entry dreamy?

i'm quite taken with kiwi green, black and white

the perfect door to wave goodbye from

and this kitchen? be still my heart. do you like the chandelier or not? it works for me.

*how was tuesday in your corner of the world? i propped the front door open to main street in excelsior this afternoon. it was in the 50's but change is a'comin.  it's supposed to snow tomorrow. remember what
that looks like? remember what is feels like? well sharpen up those shovels...and preheat your snowmobile suits people~
(or if you're single, get married quick), cause it's comin and i for one am pumped!
i have a hubbie with a snow blower and the dude knows how to use it.
thanks honey

xo, beth


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