Tuesday, January 3, 2012

miss me?

happy new year! happy 2012, how about we make it our
best year ev-ar?
i've been at my sisters -remember,
but i'm back and i have some reflections to share as we start a new year.
i spent some time thinking about life and love and what makes me tick.
these are some things i think are worth sharing, some things i think are important.

with every year of our life, we become more of who we
really are. we figure out what's important to us
and we learn to live it out loud.

you cannot say i love you too much.

it is hard to say i'm sorry but do it anyway. i'm really working
on this one-it makes me feel better.

no matter how old your kids are, they still need you. even if
they give off the impression they don't.

it's important to have things to look forward to.
plan something, invite someone to share it.

if i'm cranky or feeling restless, i need to create some kind of art.
being creative gets me out of a funk.

it's o.k. to like being home. home really is where my heart is.

i need my friends. every year we grow closer and lean into each
other more. they are the honey to my tea. i am rich in friends.

working part time is perfect. it should be the way of the world.
how about 2 days of work and 5 days off?

music is important to me. it fills my soul, calms me down,
brings me joy and makes me happy. (but i do not
remember the words...  : )  ).

marriage is incredibly hard work. i am trying to work hard.

growing older is a huge privilege. not everyone gets to.

whenever and however i can i like to surround myself with
funny people, good books, fine wine, babies,
 fresh flowers, a circle of friends, fresh seafood,
white sheets and love.

 let's figure out what makes us happy
and do more of it.
let's make 2012 better, let's not ever stop looking for
more grace, more joy, more laughter.

xo, beth

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  1. Amen. I feel the same way about my life too. Cooming into our own is nice and feels like that well worn and comfortable pair of jeans.


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