Monday, January 9, 2012

i'm off to see...

i affectionately call my boss "the wizard". the reason why is because she's so busy and so in demand for a lot of the year, that when people stop at the studio, or call and ask for  her~she just doesn't have the time- right then- to see them so sometimes i keep the magic curtain closed and decide who gets to see the in the wizard of oz.

*disclaimer* she never asked me to do this-i just see the need and try to protect her so she doesn't have to work 23 hours a day. GOSH i'm a fab employee don't ya think? almost like having your own flying monkey. 

when i saw this made me laugh and then think of the wizard of i just had to share it. had you laughed yet today?

my boss already has a huge heart and a brain and courage. she doesn't need to follow that yellow brick road. 
 we've been on a 3 week hiatus, but i'll see you tomorrow annie!

xo beth

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