Wednesday, January 4, 2012

this little light of mine

this darling candle was a Christmas gift from my kids. it's from Curly Girl. i love their whole line of products.
here's the back view
thanks kids ~ LOVE IT

here's a look at the 115 lb. pup that we live with.
he didn't get his chance to be in a Christmas photo
so i'm giving him his chance to meet you~
he takes up half of whatever
 room he's currently napping in~
he is my hubbie's best friend.
he sheds a lot and drools a lot and
tracks in a lot cause his paws
are the size of a bears,
but you know what? he's
a good dog.
hi blaze...have a good day of napping.

*there's alot to be learned from a dog.*

xo, beth

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  1. kids with good taste :)
    and admit it, you'd miss the mutt.......


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