Saturday, January 14, 2012

felt flowers

here's a little project i tried this afternoon. i had some felt on hand when i decided to try it-how cool is that- i did not even need to run for supplies. : )

*first i cut 3 different sizes patterns out of stiff paper- each one would become a different sized petal.

*now laying them on the felt, i cut 2 large, 2 med. and 1 of the smallest size propeller shaped patterns
*then i just laid the 2 largest on top of each other and started hand sewing, adding petals and gathering
a bit in the center to give it a 3-d effect.

now the next part was really fun...i cut a strip of a coordinating color felt-i thought
dark gray was nice-see how i made it a long pointed piece? then i started at the pointed end
and rolled it up tightly around the tip of a pencil until it resembled a rose bud.  i again stitched it in a few places to hold the roll together and then laid it in the center of the gold flower and sewed it in place.

lastly i sewed a pin back on it and raaaaan to my closet and pinned it
on a grey sweater i already owned. VA-VA-VOOM.

accessories can make the outfit-and for this chick who's particularly
challenged by shopping-maybe this will be just the pick up i needed!

saturday + snow =smiles

xo, beth

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