Monday, December 10, 2018

december beauty~

hi friends~

like i do most Decembers, i've got a 
 collection of photos I've found and saved that i'd
like to share with you.

pretty things.
happy things.

wintery, Christmas themed things.

who doesn't love vintage ornaments?

i made luminaries with a friend last year. it was fun and
easy and i'd encourage you to try it.

white, white and more white.
calming and beautiful.

 how cute is this cake?

 cotton balls make snowballs

 these red berries are called rosehips.
they are the seed pods that form on rosebushes
when they are done blooming.

 in case you haven't noticed, buffalo plaid is "in".
you can find it on gift wrap, pillows,
clothing, ornaments.
go get "yoself" some.

 i was 30+ years old before i learned reindeer 
really do exist.
*now i'm on the hunt for unicorns.

our house is decorated for Christmas and 
it makes me happy.
every year I decorate less and love it more.
I love real evergreen, white lights,
bottle brush trees and all things white.

one piece of advice i'd give you if you feel like
you aren't good at decorating is, that
just because something is in your Christmas totes,
doesn't mean you have to display it.
take out your very favorite things and don't overdo it.

if you get a few new things, give a few things away.

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my 
favorite things.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018


our little love turned 1 on Sept. 27th.
his first year was a
collection of moments and days knit together
in which he grew and changed in slow motion
right before our eyes.

what a baby learns from birth to 1 will always astound me.

it started with him swaddled in his parents arms
and ended with them chasing him around the house
while he discovered the world. he climbs on anything
and everything, opens every drawer in his path,
slides off the edge of the bed while we rush to
catch him.
his momma would like to wrap him in bubble wrap
during this stage of curiosity without fear.

I was lucky to take care of him the day before his
birthday so I planned a little photo shoot to
surprise mom and dad.

*please note that this was no small feat with this very
active little boy.
: )

 i always wished for a grandchild with brown eyes and just look at these beauties.
there are also 8 little teeth hiding in there.

 and can we talk about these eyelashes?

 we all love his silly faces...

 this is my favorite of the photos~ : )

 yes, yes I did buy him a gooey, over frosted fox cookie.
you only turn 1 once right
 (and I thought it would
help trick him into sitting on this little chair for more than 3 seconds).

make her stop~
so over this photo session grama.

needless to say, we adore him.
 yes I've had my camera out and ready since the day
I laid eyes on him.
can you blame me?

: ))

love you little man,
xox, your gram

Sunday, August 5, 2018

i am sixty.

6 0

this auspicious event happened
on 5-5-18.


 thanks to 
the magic of photo shop,
i was able to take about
10 years off the face that
I've earned by living
twenty one thousand,
nine hundred days.

the reason i feel compelled to
share these pictures with you all
is because the day of my
birthday our family
was at our cabin and there
were a few photos taken during the day
but i'm the one usually taking the
pictures and right before i was
going to go to bed i said to adria
"i am pretty sure there isn't a
single picture of me that i'm going to
like from today, will you take a couple?"

she said sure and then proceeded to take
about 246 all of which we both looked at
and said "NOPE...that was bad", tried again,
said "NOPE", tried again and this was what i was left with.

you guys, i get it! it's hard to have your
picture taken... but after a lot of hilarious
laughter and taking off hoodies, adding hats,
taking off hats, fluffing my hair, trying
new faces i'd never tried before, 
then more laughter about how
ridiculous it was all becoming,
here is what i left in the collection.

thanks for taking one for the team Ad
and manning my camera for what 
turned out to be a few shots
that after all that effort,
  i'm going to share with 
the whole darn world.

: )

*photo bomber in last pic is my grandson's daddy.
**cinco de mayo = sombreros

Sunday, July 15, 2018

early morning light speaks to me.

so much so that if you live near me you might have
seen me outside in my bathrobe, kneeling down to
take photos.

***just look away~ crazy neighbor doing her thing.

today i looked out the window and saw heavy, heavy dew
on everything and out i went.


i need to tell y'all that i've been having a lot of trouble
blogging lately. i take photos, edit them, upload them,
write copy...
hit post and

bam- the whole thing is gone.


i'm going to try and outsmart the system 
by saying
"have a great week"!

i hope this works if i write copy at the top 
of my post.

: )