Tuesday, February 21, 2012

can we talk about hair?

i've been stocking up.
 stocking up on pictures of good hair.

i don't know about you, but i suffer
from good hair envy.
every day presents a new challenge when it comes to my hair!
if my hair looks good (and this doesn't happen very often friends),
it just seems like the birds are
singin a little louder.

it's time to share the love tho,
so here goes~~~ check out these beautiful heads of hair~

do you think her hair looks like this for
10 minutes, or allllll day long?
maybe it's not so much the hair, but the fact that these
girls are just plain gor-geouso?

*stinkin cute!

this is "wedding hair" cute!

oh my gosh, i just noticed a pattern here~
now tell me-- do blonds REALLY have more fun?
i don't think it's true.
who started that rumor and what's that all about! (and why did
demi moore name her daughter rumor?)

us brunette girls- or should i say "before the gray
snuck up and bit us in the butt" brunette girls,
would like the world to know
WE can have fun too,
we can have fun, and be fun and embrace fun.
we can invent fun if we have to.
that's right,we won't chase fun
we'll invent it!

here's a little vintage dustin hoffman thrown in just for fun.
dude was rocking the stash and a swim suit small enough to
be called underwear...HELLO dustin-you're on a boat in nothing but
your underwear. your curly dark hair looks good tho. (after all it was the 70's.)
not sure if that's a guitar pick in his mouth or a shark's tooth.
it looks like he would be fun to hang out with tho right?

and how flippin funny is this?
i suppose us girls need to be more sympathetic to guys.
we think we've got problems?
they have sooooo much more hair to obsess about.
should they grow a beard? can they grow a beard?
a stash, goatee, chinstrap?
they lose their hair in ways we don't even have to think about.
their ear and nose hair can become braidable.  (lol)
back hair? umm hmmm

oh yeah, back to me and my hair challenges.
i guess when i was about 2, a great aunt of mine looked
at my mom and said, "she'd be a cute kid if any two hairs
went in the same direction".

nuff said~
gotta run, the curling iron is plugged in,
girlfriend's got some work to do

xo, beth

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