Monday, March 5, 2012

a whole buncha randomness~

 how was your weekend friends? mine was just great and here's some show and tell, a recap and a whole bunch of pictures of the flea market under glass...

fri.  morning i headed to long lake and had a ba-last at the flea market. it was total sensory overload and i had to keep reminding myself to "focus". i walked right by every wonderful exhibit of jewelry (not easy for me) and fabulous belt buckles and anything that was handmade and newer-and there were some really really great booths of stuff like that. my mission was to only buy things to help our hunting property have some style!
this old  yellow motel chair is now mine!
growing up, my aunt and uncle had a few of these bad boys-
i loved them then,  i love them now.

call me crazy-but this came home with me too. it will hang somewhere.
i love a good conversation piece

i did not buy this old pail, but i thought the live fish was such a creative

i bought these do-dads and and an old beat up bus.
i have a vision remember? : )

this old hand made barn is
in homage to my in laws old red barn &
the table is going to sit by my old metal chairs~
yes i said "chairs"!!

 i now have 3 to rest in the shade with-wanna join me?

they have the perfect amount of rust on them-and the colors,
the green and yellow together? aagh
my heart was racing-and each one was under 40 bucks

did i mention someone was selling pickles? should have bought some for my pickle lovin
big sweetie, but i already had so much to carry!

wanted this, but the sign said SOLD

i was on the hunt for an anchor piece remember? well this table really spoke to me---
but, i didn't buy it. i looked, i talked to the dealer, i took pictures, i thought about it and then i walked away.
~kind of regretting it i've gotta tell you. what do you think? it's an old work bench
and it would have made a fab sofa table don't you think?
i got scared that i was putting the cart before the horse (like my gram
used to say ) ~ after all, we won't actually get in our building till may.
i think i can get ahold of the dealer if i really want to.

so i also got a cool old scale, a big old basket and a piece of ancient barn wood i paid $5 for.
my sister had a small fit! she laughed and told me that they have a huge pile of
barn wood laying on their farm that we can help ourselves to. (for only $4 a board). just kidding. : )
she and her hubs surprised us and stopped by after attending the home and garden show.
they are planning to build a retro porch on their 100 + year old farm house this summer, so
their heads are full of ideas and plans too.
sunday 3 friends and i spent the afternoon talking and eating nonstop- we had so
much to share that it was hilarious and exhausting. i didn't even remember to take
a picture, but driving down main street in excelsior on my way home i pulled over
to peek in the window of a brand new store and saw this beautiful display.

man would i love to have all 3 of these lamps:

hello beautiful~
you are my sunshine!
every day i love you*

the weather man says we are going to have temps in the
this week?
are you kidding me?
i better go shave my legs!!!!!!

xo, beth


  1. Girl, you have the best eye for style! I am going to have to find a flea market and check it out! love the chairs and old barn. and those lamps...beautiful!!

    1. Ms. Jenn, aren't those lamps just the bees knees? the words are sewn on with thread still my heart. I'm pretty sure they are heinously pricey tho, so I'll just enjoy them as I drive by! : ) Hope whatever decision you are trying to figure out is starting to make sense!! xo

  2. I absolutely love how you type the way you talk. Makes me think we're having a real conversation about your day...



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