Friday, March 23, 2012

a good day is one where i create something

~and i'm sorry to say, it's not about a big fancy meal. cookin's not "my thing" friends. just about any other form of creativity makes my happy meter go up tho.

here's some collages i've made. this is a really fun way for me to get my fix for the day. (it's all legal-do not call the happy police) "nothing to see here folks, move along..."

well o.k. there is something to see, these stacked photos~

every time you take a picture, a moment is captured in time. i think that's powerful stuff.

*i'll be back this week to show you some photos of the bridal shower on sat. or maybe i'll be ready for the cupboard reveal-(yes i worked on it for a couple more hours this weekend and it's turning out quite fabulous if i do have to say so myself) and one of my best friends sent me a surprise in the mail that i want to show you.

                                                     xo, beth


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