Thursday, March 15, 2012

polished toe nails

yep, the toenails got a quick coat of pink polish late last night and
the flip flops came out to play today!

the birdies are tweeting away outside my window..."go ahead and build your nests close by, i like to
hear you sing your sweet, sweet songs little mommas"
(well maybe not so much at 5 a.m.) : )

umm these!

everything pastel and feminine looks
so good to me right now...
and i still have my spruce tips in front of
the house---what's up with that?
girlfriend needs to get outside and do some
major clean up this weekend~

i got to play with precious babies at work today...and
our dinner was made in about 7 minutes and the hubs unloaded the
almost every window in the house is cranked open & i
found out a family member's health looks very hopeful
after a big scare last week. i am peacefully vegging in my
big chair listening to t.v. while i write and
all feels right with my world tonight.

i hope if you are reading this, that there is peace in your heart today too~

xo, beth

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