Sunday, June 16, 2013

                                                                                today i've got some beautiful, dreamy
                                                                                                                 images to share~


                                                                  (note: i only took two of these lovely images)
                                                      how was father's day at your house? the dad at our house
                                                   was sick- day 8- so it put kind of a damper on the fun- but
                                       we gathered around him anyway and tried to make him feel loved.
                       he'd wander off and take a nap and then drag himself out to the family room...
                      stay up for about a half hour and then sneak off to rest some more. hopefully
                     he'll feel better soon! not a fun way to celebrate a holiday made just for him. : (
                                                                               * enjoy this monday friends~it's hard
                                                                            to believe that june is already half over,
                                                  or should i say- woo hoo!! we still half the month left!!!  :  )
                                                                                                                       xo,   beth

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  1. i really want a macaroon ... i have never had a macaroon :(

    bummer about dads day ... hope he is feeling better!


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